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John Y. Harper accepts congratulations from Chauncey D. Leake, Executive Director. Medical Branch at "Graduating Exercises." The event was held in the Auditorium on the Pier, Boulevard
at 25th St., at 8:15 p.m., Friday, June 4, 1954.

In his letter accompanying this photo, John noted, "Even though I never got around to having my picture made for the yearbook, I did manage to get my act together enough to show up for graduation!"









Al Shields, left, and Will Steck do a little quality control testing in 1954 at the Southern Select Brewery in Galveston.

Note: On Feb. 27, 1956, owner Edward Stenzel sold the Southern Select brewery to Falstaff. Today, his nephew Ralph Stenzel maintains a web site that chronicles the brewery's history.










Be aware the Moody Gardens Hotel is nowhere near UTMB.
To get to the hotel from I-45:

1. Turn right on 61st St.

2. Turn right on Stewart Rd., which becomes Jones Dr.

3. Turn right on Hope Blvd., which dead-ends at the hotel.


Predicted: Highs: 75. Lows: 65. Scattered T-storms on Thursday.

Phi Beta Pi freshman class, October 1950, Phi Beta Pi house, 1228 Market St.

L-R (top row)
Sonny Gootee, Stuart Nemir, Vic Schulze. (second row) Larry Montgomery, Francis Weishuhn, Grady McRae. (third row) John Sessums, Tom Williamson, Werner Stork, Frank Dingwerth. (bottom row) Jim Roseborough, Kenneth P. Adams, John R. (Jack) Norman, Charles Weinart (did not finish). Not pictured: Joe Massa, Rex Davis, Glen Drager, Wallace Snyder, Bob Chapman.
(submitted by Vic Schulze)

(UTMB events are so indicated. All others have been organized by Cone, et al.)


Open Friday and Saturday all day, 9 a.m. 'till midnight. In the Moody Gardens Hotel. Coffee, soft drinks, beer, wine and munchies provided by CJ. A little nostalgia: Booze is BYOB - just like when we were in school!

Suggested first major hang: Following the President's Luncheon on Friday.

(Donations welcome to help defray $1,000 room cost!)


FRIDAY 12 noon - President's Luncheon - UTMB Event. Class of 1954

Free, but reservations required. All schools included.

FRIDAY, 7 p.m. DINNER AT GAIDO'S - just our SOM class!

$30.00 per person. Must be pre-paid to Cone by March 22. Cash bar.

Four ways to pay - print and send in reservation form:

1. Snail-mail: Send check OR credit card & expiration to:
Cone Johnson, 1506 Highland Park Road, Denton, Texas 76205.

2. Fax: Transmit credit card # & expiration to (940) 891-0690.

3. Phone: Call the credit card # & expiration to (940) 382-5962.

4. Online via Paypal. Use e-mail address gpr1@earthlink.net (that's g-p-r-numeral one- @earthlink.net).



The Strand is Galveston's impressive National Historic Landmark District and was the heart of Galveston in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Today, the area is filled with fine, unique shops, art galleries, and museums chronicling Galveston's history as as seaport. (map)

About 10 blocks from John Sealy Hospital & UTMB.
The district includes Mechanic Street, Water Street, and The Strand. UTMB activities are on campus on Saturday, so this is "on the way" to and from the school.

LUNCH and afternoon hang at BISTRO LECROY, 2021 Strand (map).
This will be the SOM 1954 headquarters on The Strand. The restaurant features a reasonably priced Louisiana-style menu. No pre-set cost; choose and pay your own lunch on your own schedule. Beer & wine. Come and go as you wish. The men can visit while the ladies browse - or vice versa.
PARKING: In the parking lot directly across Strand from Bistro LeCroy or in the lot directly behind Bistro LeCroy, at 21st and Mechanic.
Or park at The Galvez or the Seawall and Ride the Trolley to the Strand - it stops in front of Bistro LeCroy and costs $1 - best bargain on the Island (map)!

All are within walking distance of Bistro LeCroy:

­ Attend "The Grand Wine Tasting," part of Food and Vine Times celebration on the Strand. Wine tasting is at 2215 Strand.

­ Visit the restored 1877 iron barque Elissa sailing ship.
­ Visit unique boutiques, art galleries, and antique shops.
­ Take a leisurely ride in a horse-drawn carriage.
­ Look up your ancestors in the Galveston Immigration Database.

­ Tour the Texas Seaport Museum.

­ Visit the Galveston County Historical Museum.
­ View short (17-20 min) films at the Pier 21 Theater about the Storm of 1900 and about pirate Jean Lafitte, and at the Seaport Museum about the Elissa.

SATURDAY 6:30 p.m. Dinner at Moody Gardens Hotel. UTMB Event (pre-pay).

$50 per person. Send to UTMB SOM Alumni Association, 301 University Boulevard, Galveston, TX 77555-1320. (Remember to send in the $25 registration, also!) Note: We have some some fabulous door prizes - both in and outside the U.S. - for the drawing after dinner!


Reservations required, but no pre-payment. $18.95 per person (special price). We'll have a reserved area, so please let Cone know at drcjazz@earthlink.net if you can make it. To keep this simple (mostly for CJ), everyone will pay his own check.
Includes champagne, mimosas, pasta station, omelet & waffle station, peel & eat shrimp; roast beef carving station; vegetables, soup selections, cheeze blintzes, salmon, cheeses, cobblers, ice cream, cakes and pastries.


* The Moody Gardens Hotel is in an isolated location, and wheels are pretty much essential for getting around. Taxis are the only mode of public transportation that serves the hotel.

* Hertz is the only rental agency on the island and is closed on Sundays.
* If you're flying in, renting a car at the airport is highly recommended.
* If driving is not your strong suit and you're taking a limo to the Island, we'll help work out car-pooling in the Hospitality Suite.



* Gerald Lubin - California, possibly in Port Hueneme or Tujunga. (Not on Lake Hollywood Dr. in LA)

Special thanks to Hub Gootee, Bob Lauderdale, Ted Boone, Vic Schulze, and Barry Wood for helping locate missing classmates.



If you haven't sent your registration ($25), dinner reservations ($50) and bio material to UTMB, please do so ASAP. Send to Julie Quiroga, UTMB Alumni Association, 301 University Boulevard, Galveston, TX 77555-1320. You can bio/photo via e-mail to jquiroga@utmb.edu. Her phone:(888) 862-7111.






 *DUE BY MARCH 22, 2004*

Yes! Count me in:

______ (number of reservations)
Snail-mail: Send this form and check OR credit card & expiration to:

Cone Johnson, 1506 Highland Park Road, Denton, Texas 76205.

Fax: Transmit this form with credit card # & expiration to (940) 891-0690.
__________________________________________ (credit card #)
__________________ (expiration)
Payment may also be called in to (940) 382-5962 or paid via Paypal using e-mail address gpr1@earthlink.net (that's g-p-r-numeral one@earthlink.net)
______ Yes, count me in for ______ (number of reservations)


Cone Johnson
1506 Highland Park Road
Denton, Texas 76205





March 4, 2004

Dear Classmates,

As of this writing, I have spoken with at least 90% of our surviving brothers and sisters.The majority, by far, are coming to the reunion. This experience has been one of the greatest in my life, because I have heard voices from the past, great stories about medicine and life, and a staggering amount of personal information that is as sacred as anything shared with any of us by patients. I did not pry, but the candor of our brothers and sisters and the trust given me have been most humbling. I have spoken to some really fabulous human beings, and am looking forward to seeing a lot of them in person soon.

Please get all your paperwork in to UTMB, including bio data for the booklet, $25 registration, reservations for the UTMB president's luncheon honoring all 1954 classes on Friday (free), and the UTMB Saturday night dinner ($50), which is just for our SOM class. Send to Julie Quiroga, UTMB Alumni Association, 301 University Boulevard, Galveston, TX 77555-1320. (Transmit bio/photo via e-mail to jquiroga@utmb.edu. Her phone:(888) 862-7111.) We've asked for plenty of space and extras, including a lecturn, mike and speakers; provision of these seems to be contingent upon the number attending, so place the Saturday banquet at the top of your list. Thanks, in part to so some of our classmates, we'll have some fabulous door prizes - and more - at the Saturday night dinner, too!

In response to folks who have indicated they'd like to attend more events with our classmates (more than the sole event scheduled just for us), we've planned several additional activities for our 1954 SOM class. They are:

1. Dinner at Gaido's on Friday night (pre-payment required; see the home page for options.) Payment is due by March 22. (Send to Cone.)

2. A visit to The Strand historical district on Saturday, with lunch and afternoon hangout at Bistro LeCroy. This event includes opportunities for the ladies to do a bit of shopping and also interesting things to see re: Galveston's history as a seaport.

3. Brunch on Sunday at The Galvez. (Reservations required, but no pre-payment.) For folks who don't have to leave early Sunday morning, this is a culinary event not to be missed!

4. Our own hospitality suite in the Moody Gardens Hotel. This will be open all day Friday and Saturday, 9 a.m. to midnight. Cost is $1,000 just for the hospitality area, and this needs generous funding from as many of you as are willing. If every doctor attending kicks in $20, I'll be close to covered. I'll donate coffee, soft drinks and munchies, but adult beverages are BYOB. (We're staying in the attached bedroom and paying for that portion of the suite, which is not included in the $1,000!).

Details of each are on the home page. A return form for the two additional actitivies (Gaido's and the Galvez brunch) requiring reservations is available online. (Must print out and return via snail-mail - sorry, don't have the capability for online submission!).

If the wives would like to do a little sightseeing on Friday afternoon - while we can be giving the hospitality room a formal initiation - tell me soon, and we'll be happy to put something together - maybe tours of old, grand homes and afternoon tea at the elegant Tremont House or whatever the ladies would like to do. Just let me know.

If you haven't yet sent me a story or photo to go on the web site, please do so - the From Classmates and Classmates on the Web pages are by far the most interesting pages on the site! Some help with submitting photos is available on the Contact page. After the reunion, we'll be posting photos from the event, also. (Bring your cameras!) I plan to leave this web site up for a long time to help us stay in touch, since more than half the class members have web access, either their own or through family members.

A letter from UTMB advancement signed by classmates Howard Burt, John Alexander, and Jeanne Fairweather was sent out recently. These classmates are participating in UTMB gifting and will be happy to discuss with you their involvement in these opportunities. If you didn't receive a copy of this letter, please contact the UTMB advancement office.

A separate snail-mail letter with the new activities will go out soon, but you can go ahead and print out the return form and send it in. In the meantime, please touch base with the classmates on your own phone or e-mail lists, since my e-mail and snail-mail still might miss a few. I will be calling some personally, in hopes of bridging the gap.

All this is leading up to some very exciting days. It's hard to believe that a half-century has passed, but the opportunity to visit again and actually see and talk to each other seems an incredibly promising event!

See you in Galveston!

Cone Johnson

Names in bold have indicated they're planning to attend!
Folks with an asterisk (*) have been contacted via phone but are unable to attend
because of scheduling conflicts or health concerns.


Kenneth P. Adams - Fredericksburg, TX
John S. Alexander - Fort Worth, TX
Frank G. Anderson Jr. - Bryan, TX

*Charles W. Barrier - Salado, TX
James M. Berler - San Antonio, TX
Ted B. Boone Jr. - Dallas, TX
*Billy Ray Boring - McKinney, TX
Richard J. Bourgeois - Port Arthur, TX
*J. Manly Bryan - Dallas, TX
Howard Burt Jr. - Georgetown, TX
Harold Caplan - Houston, TX
Donald W. Carroll - Athens, TX
Leo J. Castiglioni - Galveston, TX
Charles D. Chamberlain Jr. - Brenham, TX
Robert E. Chapman - Fort Worth, TX
Martha J. Chapman - Fort Worth, TX
John G. Compton Jr. - Waxahachie, TX
John C. Davis - Cuero, TX
*John T. Davis - Temple, TX
W. Rex Davis - Sylmar, CA
Frank S. Dingwerth - Arlington, TX


*Stephen Engel - Denver, CO
*M. Jeanne Fairweather - San Antonio, TX
Harold K. Garrett - Lubbock, TX
Hubert G. Gootee - San Antonio, TX

*Leonard P. Haber - Northridge, CA
John B. Hardin Jr. - Vernon, TX
John Y. Harper Jr. - San Antonio, TX
William M. Head - Fort Worth, TX
Harold R. High - Cuero, TX

J. Patrick Hooker - Atlanta, GA
G. Eugene Horton - San Antonio, TX
William R. Hurst - Conroe, TX
W. Cone Johnson - Denton, TX
*Donald S. Kennady - New Braunfels, TX
John B. King Jr. - Rockport, TX
Robert A. Lauderdale - Richardson, TX
Archie A. Leder - Houston, TX
T.C. Lewis Jr. - Sherman, TX

*James I. Lindsay - Bryan, TX
*Tom E. Linstrum - McKinney, TX
Gerald I. Lubin - Los Angeles, CA
John L. Lukowski Jr. - El Paso, TX


*Joseph A. Massa - Austin, TX
Robert N. McClelland - Dallas, TX
*Ottis L. McCleskey - Dallas, TX
*Henry G. McRae - Bluefield, WV
H. Jean Steel Miller - Las Vegas, NV
Cliff L. Montgomery - Lubbock, TX
Carl A. Nau Jr. - Phoenix, AZ
Stuart S. Nemir Jr. - Austin, TX
John R. Norman - Farmington, NM
Peter Pappas Jr. - Atlanta, TX
James H. Pendleton Jr. - Houston, TX
Henry B. Rabke - San Antonio, TX
*Hubert M. Radke - Bellevue, WA
*Robert S. Ray - San Antonio, TX
Sidney H. Richardson - Cameron, TX
L.E. Richey Jr. - Sugar Land, TX
James K. Richter - San Antonio, TX
The Hon. W. B. Roman Jr. - Fayetteville, AR
James F. Rosborough Jr. - Potomac, MD
Neal L. Ross - Las Vegas, NV


John C. Saunders - Denison, TX
Paul W. Schedler - Austin, TX
Victor E. Schulze Jr. - Temple, TX
H. Irving Schweppe Jr. - Houston, TX
Wallace M. Snyder - Panama City, Rep. of Panama
Gerald W. Sobel - Chicago, IL
Charles A. Spain - Houston, TX
Willard D. Steck - Bratenahl, OH
Jerry H. Stephens - Houston, TX
Charles A. Stephens - Odessa, TX
George R. Stephens Jr. - Sherman, TX
Clem A. Struve - Corpus Christi, TX
Bobby L. Temple - Dallas, TX
Billy Bob Trotter - Abilene, TX
E. B. Vogelpohl, Jr. - Galveston, TX
William J. Wagner Sr. - Tuleta, TX

*John W. Walker - Altus, OK
George L. Walmsley - Baytown, TX
Charles H. Williams - Bandera, TX
William T. Womack - San Angelo, TX
Barry P. Wood - Houston, TX

Ted Boone | Richard Bourgeois | Bob Lauderdale | Tom Linstrum | Bob McClelland | Vic Schulze | Wally Snyder

Tom Linstrum
McKinney, Texas

When we graduated at Galveston, eight of our classmates went with me to Breckenridge Hospital in Austin for an internship. Four of these were single...and each of us married a student nurse. I was invited to join a surgeon in Elgin, Tx to practice. After two years I disliked buying into a country hospital. Bill Boring invited me to come to McKinney, a larger 15,000 town with a county hospital. Bill continues to practice with his son, and for ten years I have enjoyed having my med school roommate as my personal physician.

In McKinney, I became a family physician in a hospital with the only specialist an EENT and a surgeon. I delivered babies until the year both of my children were to graduate from college, and I wanted to be free to be there with them. My son became an Internal Medicine Specialist, a Hospitalist. My daughter became a Professor at Texas A & M IU in Laredo.

My last two years in practice were fun, as I traveled Texas and Colorado as a locum tenems.

My wife Jane and I live in our home of 39 years. I enjoy gardening, oil painting, playing hymns at church and on my organ and piano at home. At age 45, I took seven teenagers to learn scuba dive, and I jumped with them. Everyone in my family has been in the ocean with the fish and sting rays.

At the TAFP meeting in San Antonio I heard Ken Cooper speak on jogging, so at 40 ,I started running and I had fun jogging in 5 K races at Muenster for 20 years. Since surgery on my left foot, I exercise on the treadmill.

Greetings to all the fine graduates of UTMB of 1954. Thanks for your work in bringing better health to Texans.

Tom E. Linstrum, M D
310 Brook Lane
McKinney, Texas
potted xx@texoma.net


Vic Schulze
Temple, Texas

After med school, I did a straight medicine internship at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.  Following that I entered the U.S. Air Force and served for eight years as a Flight Surgeon, one year of which was spent at the Harvard School of Public Health.  Classmates L.E. Richey, John Hardin, and Jack Norman were classmates of mine in Flight Surgeons' School at Randolph AFB in August and September 1955.  San Chunn was a classmate at Harvard in 1958-59.  I saw Sonny Goetz once when we landed at the Naval Air Station in Atlanta where he was stationed. 

After deciding I did not want to make the military a career, I left the service in 1963 to return to Emory University where I did an Internal Medicine residency and Cardiology fellowship.  Following that I returned to my home in San Angelo and went into private practice with my father.  He died rather suddenly in 1970 and then I had my practice plus his practice for the next 6 years.  Although I took on a partner during this time, I was quite busy and can't say I enjoyed it a lot.  I did take some time to go deer hunting in the Big Bend with classmate Bill Womack, however.  Long days, 25-30 telephone calls a day, skipped meals, patients in 2 hospitals and more in nursing homes, many night calls and emergency room visits, plus I was on the San Angelo school board for 8 years. 

In 1976, I was offered a position as Associate Professor of Medicine at Texas Tech School of Medicine in Lubbock.  That was different and enjoyable, but my wife and I didn't really like the isolation and dust storms in Lubbock.  After a year there I was offered a position at the VA Hospital in Temple to set up the Internal Medicine clerkships for the new Texas A & M College of Medicine.  So we moved to Temple and for the next 16 years I was in charge of the Internal Medicine teaching service at the VA Hospital.  When I retired in November 1993, I was the Associate Chief of Staff for Education at the VA and Professor of Medicine at Texas A & M College of Medicine.  Classmate John T. Davis was a radiologist at the VA where I worked, and Bill Wagner was Chief of Staff at the Waco VA, and I would see them both frequently.

Since then I have played quite a bit of golf (made a hole in one in April 2000 at the Wildflower Country Club in Temple), done considerable yard work, served as president of Emeritus Medicus (a club of retired doctors in Temple), served as president of the Temple Library Board, cooked for Meals on Wheels, and done a lot of traveling with my wife. We frequently get together with classmates Stuart Nemir, K.P. Adams, Frank Dingwerth, Jim Rosborough, as well as Werner Stork and John Sessums before they died.   

I suppose my major accomplishments would have to include my time on the school board in San Angelo, being president of the Tom Green County Medical Society (San Angelo), president of the Texas Club of Internists, receiving the Harriett Cunningham Award of the TMA for the best paper in Texas Medicine in 1982, being elected an Alumnus Member of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society at UTMB in 1987, and receiving the Distinguished Teaching Award from Texas A & M University in 1986. 

Peggy and I were married in Galveston in July 1952 (Irv Schweppe was my best man) and will celebrate our 52nd Anniversary this summer.  We have 3 children; a daughter, Kim, who is an attorney in Oklahoma; a son, "Trey" (Victor III) who is a radiologist in San Angelo: and a younger son, Dowd, who is a CPA in Austin.  We have 6 grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. 

I am very thankful for the opportunity of attending UTMB and the start it gave me in my professional life.  I have many connections to Galveston as my father was a 1928 graduate of UTMB, my mother was president of her UT Nursing School class, I as well as our two oldest children were born in John Sealy Hospital, and my wife is a long time Galvestonian. 

Vic Schulze
5707 Windcliff
Temple, Texas 76502
(254) 773-0976

Richard Bourgeois
Port Arthur, Texas

Richard Bourgois & Family
Christmas 2003


Bob Lauderdale

Ina Yana Kin
"My place in the sun" (Maya)

In 1976, Joanne and I stayed in a casita of a patient of mine in a place south of Cancun called Akumal ("place of the turtle" in Maya). In March of that year, we bought one of the little casitas (880 sq. ft.) and began a love affair with the primitive, right-out-of-the-jungle, little fishing village of Akumal. Our casita is some 30 feet from Akumal bay.

From snorkling, we moved to scuba diving, and I, of course, fished a lot. In 1978, we bought a typical Mexican boat of 25 feet and an outboard manual start-motor. Now we don't dive but do read a lot, and we have a boat captain who takes care of the boat and does most of the labor in return for using the boat when we are not here. Capt. Luis - and now his two sons - have prospered as charter fisheremen. 

Today, 28 years later, the entire coast has developed and we have good water, electricity most of the time. The 18 little casitas are larger, more modern, and we even have phones. Just two weeks ago, DSL lines for computers were added in each casita. Despite the evolution, Akumal remains the best "chill out" spot we have found on the earth.

Enough for now, I need to go fishing as my boat captain caught two Dorado mahi-mahi to 50 lbs and one sail fish yesterday - and it ain't even season for them!

Robert A and Joanne W. Lauderdale
Richardson, Texas
for the entire 42 years as General and Laparoscopic Surgeon
E-mail rldale68@aol.com

Bob McClelland
Dallas, TX

Hi, 1954 Classmates!   
I'm looking forward to the reunion at the end of March.  Hope you will keep me posted.  Robert N. McClelland, 3601 Potomac, Dallas, Texas 75205.  My e-mail is surgprof@aol.com. Thanks again, and my best wishes to you all.  
Sincerely, Bob McClelland

Ted Boone
Dallas, TX

Well, here we are..all four kids, spouses, and 12 grandkids.

Our oldest son Tim followed me as a urologist and is Chairman of Urology at Baylor Medical School in Houston.

I no longer do surgery but see old patients and do urology research for a large GU group based in Fort Worth and Arlington.


Wallace M. Snyder
Panama City, Panama
(Christmas 2003 newsletter)
Vilma asked "Are you going to write an X'mas note?? Well, you know the answer. I didn't just start out doing it, however, but looked over several old newsletters. Then I noted the X'mas paper: "Winter Twilight Design" theme.  That started me thinking.

I usually start with something way out there and, even at times, philosophical. Once in a speech, I showed a slide of a bottle of scotch. It was exactly half empty, but it was also half full. In keeping with the "Winter Twilight" thought, I now think more in terms of that bottle being half empty. Indeed it is way down. But we are blessed.

There are a lot of road signs showing that much time has passed, especially as we look at our children, Rod and Marlene. Rod's son is now a man, Conan. Marlene's son, Nicholas, has become a man too and is in the U.S. Air Force. Her daughter, Christina, hasn't finished high school (two years to go), but has distinguished herself as a marathon runner in Oklahoma. The Navy may sponsor her.

Well, we continue to live the good life. Mother's Day tomorrow at the City Club will be an eating frenzy [except for us with elevated Cholesterol and me with Diabetes]. There will be enough variety there, however, so that our Low Carb diet will be gourmet. At our age, medical news is important so here are the high points. (And it was fantastic, calories and all).

I was ready for my back operation (for my legs); scheduled to go Stateside. Vilma was star gazing and fell (actually watching fireworks). Her fractured tibia necessitated a change in venue. We decide to go to Oklahoma, rather than Miami, so as to rehab under my daughter's care. The fun was the two of us racing thru Houston Airport in wheelchairs, pushed at high speed. The down side was the two months in Oklahoma City counting icicles on the eves next door. We did have a good time with the family.

We are very active. Vilma is on the Board of Directors for Who's New in Panama. I am on the Board of The Association of the United States Army. We are retired from all other Board work but still remain active in the Elks, American Society, Navy League, Audubon and City Club. We have had the privilege of meeting and knowing three Ambassadors to Panama, as part of this spin-off. The American Society made me a Life member, presenting me a Silver Plaque. As well, Vilma and I enjoy a lot of events with our friends and family in Panama. Still, we miss our friends and family in the distant USA.

Panama remains and interesting and beautiful place and we are always hoping for your visit. The City is well seen from our 12th floor. It is growing and changing even as we speak. It is now a modern metropolis with many high rises, but we can see the green forest in the mountains to our North, East, and West. We see the ocean and islands looking South. We travel to the Interior regularly. The Canal is in view from our window and is alive and well.

Merry X'mas and Happy Reunion - we'll be there!

- Wallace M. Snyder

Have a message and/or photo you'd like posted here?
Send it in to drcjazz@earthlink.net!



Charles and Johanna Chamberlain's elegant Mariposa Ranch Bed and Breakfast is located on a 100-acre working ranch on the historic La Bahia Trail. This charming B&B offers guests a choice of accommodations, including houses, cabins, and cottages, most with fireplaces and some with a Jacuzzi-for-two, all historically significant and lovingly restored and furnished in what could be called "casual elegance".

The Mariposa Ranch
8904 Mariposa Lane
Brenham, Texas  77833
(877) 647-4774 (toll free) or (979) 836-4737


Now in his 19th year as "Dr. Jazz," Cone Johnson invites everyone to listen in, over the web, every Sunday night,
6-9 p.m. CST as he plays big band and small group jazz from every era.


Charlie Williams invites everyone to join him at his son's Flying A Ranch in Bandera for hunting, fishing, Enjoy the natural beauty and varied wildlife of the Texas Hill Country as knowledgeable and friendly staff make your visit truly unique.



Flying A
1919 State Highway 173 S
Bandera, Texas 78003
866-796-4750 (toll free) or 830-796-4750
830-796-9933 fax



Personal home page of Charles and Nancy Stephens in Odessa, Texas.

Read about their interests and Charles' second career - and get a great recipe for chocolate cheesecake!


Send in the link to drcjazz@earthlink.net



Cone Johnson, reunion chair
1506 Highland Park Road
Denton, Texas 76205

(940) 382-5555 voice
(940) 891-0690 fax

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James H. Albright, Aug. 26, 1995
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Philip T. Bennett, San Mateo, CA; Jan. 5, 2000
Harold J. Bulgerin, Jan. 9, 1992
Billy G. Campbell, Wimberly, TX; Aug. 3, 1977
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Donald M. Lowery
Thomas J. Lowrey
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(See also this story about the Vietti twins.)
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(Story - text below - on Ardel Vietti from http://www.taskforceomegainc.org/v600.html:)


Name: Eleanor Ardel Vietti 
Rank/Branch: Civilian - Surgeon 
Unit: Christian & Missionary Alliance 
Date of Birth: 05 November 1927 (Ft. Worth, TX) 
Home of Record: Houston, TX
Date of Loss: 30 May 1962 
Country of Loss: South Vietnam
Loss Coordinates: 123250N 1075927E (ZU250888) 
Click coordinates to view maps
Status in 1973: Prisoner of War 
Category: 1
Aircraft/Vehicle/Ground: Ground
Other Personnel in Incident: Rev. Archie E. Mitchell and Daniel A. Gerber (both captured)


SYNOPSIS:   On November 5, 1927, Eleanor Ardel Vietti was born a twin in Ft. Worth, Texas. Her father was a geologist who provided Ardel, her sister and brother with a comfortable childhood. He also provided his family the experience of living in South America for several years. Ardel, as she preferred to be called, attended both Rice Institute and Nyack Missionary College one summer, then attended medical school at the University of Texas. Following her residency, she applied for foreign service with Christian and Missionary Alliance, and after being accepted by them, was certified for appointment to their Ban Me Thuot Leprosarium in South Vietnam.

The Christian and Missionary Alliance first arrived in South Vietnam in 1911. By the end of the Vietnam War there were over 138 missionaries throughout the country. Three weeks before Saigon fell, the church began moving its personnel out of the country. The last missionary to leave South Vietnam left on the next to last helicopter that lifted off the roof of the American Embassy on 29 April 1975.

The Leprosarium ministered to anyone needing medical assistance regardless of race, religion or political persuasion. It was located in the dense jungle of Darlac Province, South Vietnam, 9 miles southwest of the provincial capitol of Ban Me Thuot, 5 miles south-southeast of Xa Tho Thanh and 25 miles east of the South Vietnamese/Lao border. This medical facility was jointly financed by The Christian and Missionary Alliance, the Mennonite Central Committee and American Leprosy Missions, Inc. In all, there were 56 Alliance church groups working in the areas surrounding Ban Me Thuot during 1962. In addition to the staff of nine - which included Rev. Archie Mitchell, the administrative officer, Dr. Ardel Vietti, the hospital's surgeon and Daniel A. Gerber who were captured at the same time - Archie Mitchell's wife, Bette, and their 4 children lived at the compound.

During the late afternoon of Wednesday, 30 May 1962, a group of 12 armed Viet Cong (CV) guerrillas entered the Leprosarium compound. They quickly rounded up the staff and sternly lectured them on their betrayal of the Vietnamese people and assured them that each of them deserved immediate and painful death. While the Communists terrorized the nurses and other missionaries, the VC did not harm or molest them.

The VC ransacked all the buildings for anything they could use - linens, medicines, clothing and surgical instruments - then packed them into the hospital's truck. About 2200 hours, the VC forced Dr. Vietti, Reverend Mitchell and Daniel Gerber into the back of the truck under armed guard, then departed the hospital compound with their prisoners and supplies. At the time it was believed the three were abducted for use in a VC hospital.

When Ardel Vietti, Archie Mitchell and Dan Gerber were captured, the US pledged all of its resources in order to see that everything possible was done to get them back safely. Both American and South Vietnamese intelligence discovered their probable location immediately, but were never able to rescue them. By 1969, negotiations between the Christian and Missionary Alliance and some North Vietnamese soldiers seemed close to gaining the missionaries' release. However, the negotiations collapsed and never could be reconstituted.

Throughout the years there were a continuous flow of reports and sightings of these missionaries as they were moved about by the VC/NVA during and well after the war.

Since the end of the Vietnam War well over 21,000 reports of American prisoners, missing and otherwise unaccounted for have been received by our government. Many of these reports document LIVE America Prisoners of War remaining captive throughout Southeast Asia TODAY.

Missionaries, like military personnel, were called upon to operate in many dangerous circumstances, and they were prepared to lay down their lives or be captured, if necessary, in order to carry out their humanitarian work. It probably never occurred to them that they could be abandoned in the same manner as American military men by their country.


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