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To accommodate yesteryear photos submitted by classmates, a new page, Scrapbook, has been created.

As photos are submitted, they'll first be posted on this page, then as new photos come in, older photos will move to the
Scrapbook page and continue to be available for viewing.


Be aware the Moody Gardens Hotel is nowhere near UTMB.
To get to the hotel from I-45:

1. Turn right on 61st St.

2. Turn right on Stewart Rd., which becomes Jones Dr.

3. Turn right on Hope Blvd., which dead-ends at the hotel.

Map of Galveston with hotel marked. (Leave your address blank. Enter Hope Blvd., Galveston Texas in the destination windows.) Zoom in and out with controls on left.


Click here, then scroll on down for the 10-day forecast.


* Gerald Lubin - California, possibly in Port Hueneme or Tujunga. (Not on Lake Hollywood Dr. in LA)

Special thanks to Carl Nau, Hub Gootee, Bob Lauderdale, Ted Boone, Vic Schulze, and Barry Wood for helping locate missing classmates.


If you haven't sent your registration ($25), dinner reservation ($50 ea) and bio material to UTMB, please do so ASAP. Send to Julie Quiroga, UTMB Alumni Association, 301 University Boulevard, Galveston, TX 77555-1320. Transmit bio/photo via snail-mail or e-mail to jquiroga@utmb.edu. Call her at (888) 862-7111.

The latest update (March) from Shag X and Cone Johnson, reunion chair.

All surviving class members - and who's coming!

NEW stories by and photos of our classmates in their own words!

(Note: The forms you sent UTMB are for publication in a booklet the school is producing. Please send separate text and photos to Cone at drcjazz@earthlink.net for posting on this site.)

Folks with their own, independent pages on the Web!

Our brothers and sisters we'll remember. Includes date of death and last residence.
A special thanks to Bobby Temple and Vic Schulze for corrections and additions to this page.

Links to maps of Galveston, sites about Galveston, alternative lodging, and the UTMB site, including 1950s class notes.

A printable verison of this entire web site created especially for folks who access the Web infrequently through friends or relatives.

Phone, fax, snail-mail and e-mail contact info. Now also includes instructions for submitting digital pictures.


John Y. Harper accepts congratulations from Chauncey D. Leake, Executive Director, Medical Branch at "Graduating Exercises." The event was held in the Auditorium on the Pier, Boulevard
at 25th St., at 8:15 p.m., Friday, June 4, 1954.

In his letter accompanying this photo, John noted, "Even though I never got around to having my picture made for the yearbook, I did manage to get my act together enough to show up for graduation!"

Al Shields, left, and Will Steck do a little quality control testing in 1954 at the Southern Select Brewery in Galveston.

Note: On Feb. 27, 1956, owner Edward Stenzel sold the Southern Select brewery to Falstaff. Today, his nephew Ralph Stenzel maintains a web site that chronicles the brewery's history.

(Those in red are arranged by Cone, et al. and are not sponsored by UTMB.)



Open Friday and Saturday all day, 9 a.m. 'till midnight. In the Moody Gardens Hotel. Coffee, soft drinks, beer, wine and munchies provided by CJ. A little nostalgia: Booze is BYOB - just like when we were in school!

*We may even get it together to open after Gaido's on Thursday night!

Suggested first major hang: Following the President's Luncheon on Friday.

(Donations welcome to help defray $1,000 room cost!)


FRIDAY 12 noon - President's Luncheon - UTMB Event. Class of 1954

Free, but reservations required. All schools included.

FRIDAY, 7 p.m. DINNER AT GAIDO'S - just our SOM class!

$30.00 per person. Must be pre-paid to Cone by March 22. Cash bar.

Four ways to pay - print and send in reservation form:

1. Snail-mail: Send check OR credit card & expiration to:
Cone Johnson, 1506 Highland Park Road, Denton, Texas 76205.

2. Fax: Transmit credit card # & expiration to (940) 891-0690.

3. Phone: Call the credit card # & expiration to (940) 382-5962.

4. Online via Paypal. Use e-mail address gpr1@earthlink.net (that's g-p-r-numeral one- @earthlink.net).



The Strand is Galveston's impressive National Historic Landmark District and was the heart of Galveston in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Today, the area is filled with fine, unique shops, art galleries, and museums chronicling Galveston's history as as seaport. (map)

About 10 blocks from John Sealy Hospital & UTMB.
The district includes Mechanic Street, Water Street, and The Strand. UTMB activities are on campus on Saturday, so this is "on the way" to and from the school.

LUNCH and afternoon hang at BISTRO LECROY, 2021 Strand (map).
This will be the SOM 1954 headquarters on The Strand. The restaurant features a reasonably priced Louisiana-style menu. No pre-set cost; choose and pay your own lunch on your own schedule. Beer & wine. Come and go as you wish. The men can visit while the ladies browse - or vice versa.
PARKING: In the parking lot directly across Strand from Bistro LeCroy or in the lot directly behind Bistro LeCroy, at 21st and Mechanic.
Or park at The Galvez or the Seawall and Ride the Trolley to the Strand - it stops in front of Bistro LeCroy and costs $1 - best bargain on the Island (map)!

All are within walking distance of Bistro LeCroy:

­ Attend "The Grand Wine Tasting," part of Food and Vine Times celebration on the Strand. Wine tasting is at 2215 Strand.

­ Visit the restored 1877 iron barque Elissa sailing ship.
­ Visit unique boutiques, art galleries, and antique shops.
­ Take a leisurely ride in a horse-drawn carriage.
­ Look up your ancestors in the Galveston Immigration Database.

­ Tour the Texas Seaport Museum.

­ Visit the Galveston County Historical Museum.
­ View short (17-20 min) films at the Pier 21 Theater about the Storm of 1900 and about pirate Jean Lafitte, and at the Seaport Museum about the Elissa.

SATURDAY 6:30 p.m. Dinner at Moody Gardens Hotel. UTMB Event (pre-pay).

$50 per person. Send to UTMB SOM Alumni Association, 301 University Boulevard, Galveston, TX 77555-1320. (Remember to send in the $25 registration, also!)
Note: We have some some fabulous door prizes, including a week in Akumal on the Riviera Maya in Mexico, compliments of Bob Lauderdale, for the drawing at this Saturday dinner!



Reservations required, but no pre-payment. $18.95 per person (special price). We'll have a reserved area, so please let Cone know at drcjazz@earthlink.net if you can make it. To keep this simple (mostly for CJ), everyone will pay his own check.
Includes champagne, mimosas, pasta station, omelet & waffle station, peel & eat shrimp; roast beef carving station; vegetables, soup selections, cheeze blintzes, salmon, cheeses, cobblers, ice cream, cakes and pastries.


* UTMB is providing no transportation to any events.
* The Moody Gardens Hotel is in an isolated location, and wheels are pretty much essential for getting around. Taxis are the only mode of public transportation that serves the hotel.

* Hertz is the only rental agency on the island and is closed on Sundays.

* If you're flying in, renting a car at the airport is highly recommended.

* If driving is not your strong suit and you're taking a limo to the Island, we'll help work out car-pooling in the Hospitality Suite.